How to Create and Maintain an Effective Compliance Committee

The job of every Compliance Committee is to manage an organization’s compliance program and ensure the program remains compliant with federal and state regulations. To be effective, the Committee should have clearly defined goals, meet on a regular basis, and be transparent in its efforts to both the Board and each employee. Seems easy enough, in theory.

Too often, however, Committees lose steam and become overrun with bureaucratic red tape, or its members become disenfranchised. The disenfranchisement of Committee members is often the result of one thing: that same red tape impeding their ability to be effective in their efforts and strategy.

So how do you create a Compliance Committee that is both a) effective, and b) staffed with hungry, passionate employees dedicated achieving your organization's compliance goals and standards?

I’m glad you asked. I’ve spent years working with Committees, both in my role as an internal Compliance Officer, and as a consultant helping other organizations create and empower their own Committees. And I’ve picked up some valuable insights along the way that I’d like to share with you.

So, whether you’re looking to create your own committee, or need to re-engage and empower your existing one, I’ll be hosting a webinar titled The Anatomy of an Effective Compliance Committee, which I think you’ll enjoy. . .

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