Key Mid-Year Compliance Program Considerations

Can you believe we’re heading into the second half of 2023? This year is moving faster than you can say “HIPAA.”

Let’s take a quick breather and reflect on some key compliance wins, as well as share ideas on how to set strong goals for the rest of the year.

Join CJ Wolf, MD, for our upcoming webinar, “A Mid-Year Review of Risk Assessments, Work Plans, New Regulations, and Enforcements.”

CJ will discuss:

    • The importance and value of periodic assessment and reflection
    • How to acknowledge what has been accomplished and identify what still needs to be done
    • The important skill of assessing, and when needed, adjusting your annual work plan based on unexpected changes in circumstances

Live Date/Time: Wednesday, June 28 at 1 PM ET


Webinar Details Here >>

Let’s face it – healthcare compliance moves fast. It’s hard to keep up with all the industry regulations and new changes. That’s why this webinar is a great opportunity to get a snapshot of what you need to know to keep your program running smoothly and effectively.


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