Post-Submission MIPS Tragedies (and what to do)

Wait! Don’t open that bottle of champagne just yet! You submitted your MIPS but it looks like you might not be done with 2017, after all. Remember, under MIPS, the better your score, the greater your Medicare reimbursement. If you failed to submit, or your data didn’t post completely and correctly to CMS, you’ll be subject to a Medicare penalty. And, it’s very possible something went wrong with your submission (and you don’t even know it yet).

Sure, the MIPS data submission process for 2017 was an improvement but when it comes to new processes, there are always a few hiccups. In the past, you could celebrate the completion of the end-of-year compliance submission processes. But this year, with new CMS scoring software and methods, new submission techniques, new content coming from EHR, etc.etc, the final submission of MIPS data should not be the final activity for MIPS Administrators.

Additionally, MIPS data becomes public this summer and CMS is committed to publicly posting individual and group MIPS data. This data includes at least MIPS scores for Quality, efficient use of EHR, and Clinical Improvement Activities. In addition, it’s likely to include individual quality measure scores, and identification of specific measure scores on CPIA and EHR usage. EEEK!

This public data will be easily comparable against other physicians or groups, as well as against national averages so that consumers may be able to quantify objective measures across providers. Meaning, potential clients can use this score to decide where to go and who to see for their healthcare needs. It has the potential to be either fantastic for your organization or an enormous disaster. But have no fear, we’re here to help.

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