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Coding Strategies for Successful Revenue Cycle Management - Podcast

On our latest episode of Compliance Conversations, we’re taking an in-depth look at the revenue cycle and coding. We’re joined by Stephanie Perry, the outpatient medical supervisor for e4health, as she shares insights from her 12 years of experience in coding, auditing, training, and leadership...

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How to Create an Annual Audit Plan

A Blueprint for Your Annual Audit Plan - White Paper

Traditionally, as the calendar year approaches its end, many compliance programs evaluate their annual audit plan to assess its effectiveness and revise the plan as needed for the following year. Some compliance programs may do this at other times of the year. When it happens is not as essential as...

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How to Create an Effective Annual Audit Plan

The Art of Annual Audit Planning - Webinar

It's that time of year again – compliance programs are putting the finishing touches on their annual audit plan for the year ahead. Wrangling those fresh and familiar compliance risks is like a puzzle – you've got to be organized and clever to piece together a winning plan.

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