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OIG Work Plan Updates for April 2022: MOUD, EVV, and HIV

Posted by CJ Wolf, May 24, 2022 9:15:34 AM

April 2022 has brought more items to the OIG Work Plan. Let’s take a closer look at them.

The OIG's Modernization Efforts: What Our Expert Learned at the Roundtable Event

Posted by CJ Wolf, Mar 2, 2022 8:51:34 AM

The OIG Wants Your Feedback on How to Improve

What You Should Know About the OIG’s Recent Hospital Compliance Reviews

Posted by CJ Wolf, Mar 4, 2021 11:33:42 AM

As most of us already know, the OIG’s mission is to provide objective oversight to promote the efficiency

Compliance News Roundup: A $2.5 Million Fine Here, a $225 Million Fine There

Posted by Healthicity, Oct 9, 2019 9:45:45 AM

1. Telemarketer Agrees To Pay $2.5 Million for Illegal Kickback And Unnecessary Prescription Scheme -

Deeper Than the Headlines: The OIG Uncovered Deficiencies in Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Posted by CJ Wolf, Oct 7, 2019 10:00:16 AM

Medicare beneficiaries are increasingly using Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) for outpatient surgical procedures.

Deeper Than the Headlines: Blood Draws and Travel Allowance

Posted by CJ Wolf, Feb 4, 2019 1:32:22 PM

Does your organization perform blood draws for laboratory tests? Do your lab technicians who draw blood ever need to travel to obtain the specimen from the patient?

Deeper Than the Headlines: Chiropractic Services

Posted by CJ Wolf, Jan 14, 2019 11:54:10 AM

Chiropractic services are regular targets of audits by government agencies including Medicare, Medicaid, and the OIG.

Deeper Than the Headlines: OIG’s Medicare Compliance Review of Mobile Infirmary Medical Center

Posted by CJ Wolf, Oct 30, 2018 12:10:02 PM

The OIG’s most recent Medicare Compliance Review of a hospital was posted on their website on Oct. 24, 2018.