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Discover a wealth of best practices and real-world examples on how you can simplify your auditing, compliance, coding and training challenges.

2017 OPPS & MPFS Final Rule and Highlights

Everything hospitals and physicians need to know about the 2017 Fee Schedule Final Rules.

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How to Get Execs On Board with Compliance

There are a number of reasons your board needs to be heavily involved in compliance and five key ways you can get them involved right now.

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Living in a Medicaid and Medicare Managed World

A detailed whitepaper for understanding the specifics of Medicaid and Medicare managed care plans that will improve your reimbursement.

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Streamlining Audit Workflow with Technology

New auditing software can turn you into an auditing rock star but there is plenty to consider before taking the leap.

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7 Keys to Compliance

Inside you'll find an in-depth analysis and best practices for creating a compliance plan that will help ensure operational and financial security.

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How the New CMS Rule Impacts SNFs

The new requirements will apply to all nursing facilities, from large national chains to those owned by a single individual or small groups of individuals.

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