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Disciplinary Action: How to Enforce Compliance Programs

Consequences & disciplinary action are an unfortunate but vital part of compliance programs. This white paper has great advice & strategies on how to start.

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4 Pillars of Compliance Education & Training

Discover the blueprint for compliance education and training straight from the OIG's General Compliance Program Guidance in our exclusive white paper!

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Crafting an Effective Non-Retaliation Policy

Learn how non-retaliation policies can help cultivate a culture of trust and transparency in your organization in this white paper.

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A Blueprint for Your Annual Audit Plan

Learn how to tailor your annual audit plan to your specific risks, proactively improve your program, and safeguard your reputation.

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Evaluating Use of Psychotropic Medications in Nursing Homes

The nursing home population is particularly vulnerable, and that’s why there’s an increased focus on the use of certain medications for these patients.

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Necessary Insights on Medical Necessity Woes

Understand why lab testing is under the microscope, state-level enforcement actions, & inpatient rehab facilities all from a medical necessity perspective.

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Updates to DOJ’s Compliance Program Evaluation

The DOJ made some changes to their guidance on evaluating compliance programs – we wrote about the insights you need to be aware of. Download here.

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Understanding 13 Different Audit Types and Functions

With so many types of healthcare audits, it’s hard to keep up. So, we created a resource with a quick & easy overview of different audit types & functions.

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How to Prevent Overpayments to Your Organization

This Whitepaper examines hospice benefits, recertification & documentation requirements, hospice services, facility notifications, and billing modifiers.

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Telehealth in the Time of Covid-19

This whitepaper addresses the basic guidelines for telehealth services along with comprehensive explanations of more complex aspects.

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The 10 Keys of an Effective Compliance Program

Our 10 keys provide an actionable plan for building and maintaining an effective compliance program long term.

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2017 OPPS & MPFS Final Rule and Highlights

Everything hospitals and physicians need to know about the 2017 Fee Schedule Final Rules.

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How to Get Execs On Board with Compliance

There are a number of reasons your board needs to be heavily involved in compliance and five key ways you can get them involved right now.

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Living in a Medicaid and Medicare Managed World

A detailed whitepaper for understanding the specifics of Medicaid and Medicare managed care plans that will improve your reimbursement.

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Streamlining Audit Workflow with Technology

New auditing software can turn you into an auditing rock star but there is plenty to consider before taking the leap.

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7 Keys to Compliance

Inside you'll find an in-depth analysis and best practices for creating a compliance plan that will help ensure operational and financial security.

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How the New CMS Rule Impacts SNFs

The new requirements will apply to all nursing facilities, from large national chains to those owned by a single individual or small groups of individuals.

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