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Healthcare Risk Management Software


Meet Risk Assessment Manager.

You’re likely to face many obstacles on your path to compliance. That’s why you need the right tool to perform an accurate risk assessment and maintain your risk management plan. Designed by our compliance experts, with your specific needs in mind, you can trust the accuracy of your personalized risk assessment on your way to total compliance.


Maintain Compliance

Risk assessment will help safeguard your organization against data breach, incentive recoupment, and fines.

Protect Revenue

Safeguard your bottom-line by investing in tools with proven ROI. Being compliant is always the more cost effective approach.

Plan Accuracy

Designed by experts to help you perform both an accurate risk assessment and maintain your risk management plan.

Software Features

Total Customization

Personalized risk management plans can be customized to fit your organization’s level of resources and your compliance priorities. 

Personalized Plans

Once you've assessed your risks, you'll get a personalized risk management plan that dynamically updates as you address your risks. 

Divide. Conquer.

Answer the assessment questions yourself or delegate the assessment questions based on the varied expertise within your organization.

Expertly Designed

The user interface, questions, and scoring method were developed by our team of experts with years of risk analysis experience under their belts. 

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Case Study

Automating Compliance from the Inside Out

Read how one healthcare organization, Equitas, modernized its compliance program with Compliance Manager in this Healthicity Customer Story.

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Compliance Manager Brochure

Meet the only total compliance management solution that will ensure your organization is compliance, even when audited.


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Leave the days of paper, filing cabinets and overflowing boxes behind you. Document every reported incident faster and more accurately.

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Training Center Brochure

Compliance Manager offers an integrated, online Learning Management System (LMS) platform that allows for training anywhere, on any type of device.