5 Most Common Ways Compliance Officers Mislead Themselves

5 Most Common Ways Compliance Officers Mislead Themselves

Posted by CJ Wolf
Oct 31, 2019 11:40:12 AM

Over the past few years here at Healthicity, I’ve served as a compliance consultant for healthcare organizations throughout the country, and of all shapes and sizes. During this time, I’ve heard some profound truths from clients, and have observed some amazing best practices by real professionals.

But over this same time, I’ve also heard some incredible lies. Lies that perfectly competent and hard-working compliance officers tell themselves. And I don’t mean to pass judgement, because I’ve told myself some of these lies over the years, too.

After all, it’s not uncommon for those of us who are up to our eyeballs in work to convince ourselves that we’ve got things under control. Because most of the time, we do. But other times, we may find ourselves rationalizing, justifying, or simply wishing our problems away. And if we don’t pick up on when this wishful thinking may be causing our organization harm, we’re not doing ourselves or our compliance program any favors. Recently, I jotted down some of the most potentially harmful lies we tell and gathered them all into this eBrief, 5 Lies Compliance Officers Tell Themselves, to help you better understand why:

  • You Alone Are Not Responsible for Your Compliance Program
  • Every Incident Should Be Investigated
  • Correcting a Billing Problem In the Future is a Fallacy

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