Compliance News Roundup: Don't Forget Your Medicaid Compliance

1. MEDICARE FRAUD TRIAL SET FOR DOCTOR TIED TO MENENDEZ PROBE-WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) - “Many of the Medicare fraud charges against prominent Florida eye doctor Salomon Melgen are complicated, but one is simple - federal prosecutors say he claimed reimbursement for treating both eyes of patients who have one prosthetic.” Read more here:

2. 10 Most Concerning Issues for Hospital CEOs - “For the 13th year in a row, hospital CEOs ranked financial challenges as the No. 1 issue facing their organizations in 2016, according to an American College of Healthcare Executives survey.
Each year, the ACHE surveys community hospital CEOs to identify the top challenges their organizations are facing. Below are the top 10 issues identified by hospital CEOs in 2016. The results reflect 383 CEOs' responses.” Read more here:

3. Deeper Than The Headlines: Don’t forget your Medicaid compliance - “We hear a lot about fraud and abuse involving the Medicare program, and rightfully so. But because Medicaid programs are state-run, we may not hear of Medicaid issues unless they are in the news in the state we live or work in. However, the OIG has recently engaged in dialogue about their efforts in ferreting out fraud and abuse in the Medicaid program. At the end of January 2017, Ann Maxwell, Assistant Inspector General Office of Evaluation and Inspections testified before the United States House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce: Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations Medicaid Oversight.” Read more here:

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