Facts About the 60 Day Overpayment Rule

It’s been almost two years since CMS’ final rule on Reporting and Returning of Overpayments went into effect. At the time, we could only guess what the future would hold for healthcare organizations with this 60-day overpayment rule.

Back then, I did a webinar on the 60 day rule where I explained the basics, such as when the clock starts ticking on the 60-day rule to return all overpayments, how far back you need to go for return payments, your obligation to investigate suspected overpayments, and when exactly the False Claims Act is implicated, and more. In a blog post on the same subject I wrote, “Organizations that fail to report overpayments within 60 days can be liable under the False Claims Act and may be subject to civil/criminal liabilities.”

Since the final rule was implemented two years ago, we’ve learned the impact the new rule would have on the auditing function of compliance programs. And we’ve learned to learn how compliance programs’ auditing functions have been impacted, you can prepare from settlements, government enforcement agencies are viewing providers’ responsibilities.

Tune in to our free webinar, Revisiting the 60-day Rule, to learn how you can use what we’ve learned in the past two years to protect your organization from civil/criminal liabilities.

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