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Great News: Due to popular demand you'll have the option to purchase 1 CEU for our upcoming webinar. And, as always, you can also attend this webinar free of charge. Now, let’s talk about 99211.

If you’re unclear about 99211, you’re not alone. A lot of debate surrounds the proper billing and documentation of E/M level service 99211 because aspects, like when to use it and when not to, can certainly be confusing.

Since the adoption of E/M codes, requirements for reporting most levels have become incredibly specific, and following these mostly black-and-white rules leads to an increasingly small margin of error in level selection.

One area that remains less precise and nebulous is the level 1-established patient encounter code, 99211. Educating ancillary staff regarding the proper documentation of this service will likely result in overall improved documentation in a patient’s record, as staff will have a better understanding of what’s relevant and useful, and what’s not.

99211 is one of our hottest topics this year, resulting in thousands of views, shares, questions, and downloads. That’s why we’re offering even more E/M level service 99211 info, in-detail where we can elaborate on acceptable use even further, including an overview of the service and why it was developed in the first place and proper documentation of medical necessity.

Tune in to our webinar, 99211 Documentation Tips and Tricks, to learn proper documentation of medical necessity, when to use 99211 and when not to, and to get clinical examples that both support and do not support the need for 99211.

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