Healthicity’s Subject Matter Experts Discuss the 2022 Annual Survey Results

Healthcare Compliance and Auditing folks — we get it. Keeping up with trends in the industry, what other people like you are doing, what they struggle with, what they know that you feel like you should know... All of this can be quite overwhelming, especially for many compliance, revenue cycle, billing, and other specialty areas that often have small or even one-person teams. (Is one person even a team?)

But we’ve got good news! In early 2022, we sent out our annual survey to people just like you; and now we’ve got a bucketload of feedback, opinions, and trends that will help you get a healthy look at hot topics in the healthcare auditing, coding, and compliance industries.

So let’s talk! In our webinar “Hear from our Experts: The 2022 Compliance and Auditing Survey Results,” we have a chat with five of Healthicity’s subject matter experts, who go through some of the top-level findings and statistics from both the compliance and auditing sides.

Some of the things they discuss include:

    • How best to stay current on requirements and regulations
    • What to do to improve your compliance and auditing efficiency
    • Best practices for managing a small team versus a large team

The live webinar will be held on August 31, 2022, but it’s always on-demand to watch whenever fits your schedule.

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