Meet the New Compliance Plan You Didn’t Know You Needed

The Office of Inspector General’s (OIG’s) 7 Keys of Compliance has long been considered the gold standard of healthcare compliance, until now.

While the 7 Keys is a perfect foundation for compliance it fails to provide an actionable plan for building and maintaining an effective program long term. In response to this, our compliance experts, the ones you love and trust, created the 10 Keys of Compliance which expands on the original 7 and provides a blueprint for the new gold-standard of effective compliance.compliance-wheel-sliceThe 10 Keys of an Effective Compliance Program Are:

  1. Risk Assessments

  2. Training and Education

  3. Developing Workplans

  4. Policies and Procedures

  5. Incident Monitoring

  6. Program Audits

  7. Sanction Checking

  8. Governance and Oversight

  9. Contract Management

  10. Reports

You’ll notice that the 10 keys are appropriately illustrated as a complete circle, creating a feedback loop and a continual process, one that can be repeated over and over as opposed to a singular step based recipe that concludes after a “one and done” exercise.

Download a copy of the free whitepaper, The 10 Keys of an Effective Compliance Program, to see how the 10 Keys of compliance will advance your program from good to gold.

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