Must-Know Billing & Coding Fundamentals for Compliance Professionals

Must-Know Billing & Coding Fundamentals for Compliance Professionals

Posted by CJ Wolf
Sep 19, 2019 10:28:56 AM

As compliance officers, we know all too well that our departments are often viewed as cost centers. While we might think differently, it doesn’t change the perception of our organization, despite our best efforts. But there is one way to make a measurable impact on our P&Ls, and that’s by ensuring proper billing practices are being conducted by our billing departments. After all, in our annual survey, 25% of compliance professionals stated that their billing department represents the greatest risk to their organization.

But what if you don’t come from the world of coding and billing? As complex as coding and billing regulations are, where can you even start?

It just so happens that earlier in my career, I spent a great deal of time in the world of coding and billing. I’m actually a Certified Professional Coder (CPC). And I’ve got an idea of what every compliance officer should be looking for when managing, auditing, and assessing your own billing department.

To that end, Join me in my upcoming webinar, What Every Compliance Officer Should Know About Billing Departments, where I’ll show you:

  • Foundational concepts in billing and coding
  • Different code types, and what they mean
  • Enforcement examples of billing and coding gone wrong
  • What should compliance officers be doing in regard to billing and coding compliance

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