Tools to Tackle Your 2020 Compliance Goals with Confidence

With 2020 now on our immediate horizon, you should know just how crucial it is to have your compliance program in place for the new year. Even when our reality suggests that it’s never been harder to build a compliance program from the ground up. Or to get more funding to build out your compliance program with all of your wishlist items.

And while regulations are constantly changing, and the OIG regularly updating their annual workplan, and your compliance department budget seemingly shrinking from year-to-year, deciding what to focus on in the year ahead can be a conundrum.

But in order to create and/or maintain a successful, long-term compliance program, these are only some of the questions you need to answer to have a successful 2020 (and beyond).

Which is why we’re hosting a webinar, “How to Build a Successful Compliance Program Using Compliance Manager,” on November 20, to show you how you can get in front of your 2020 compliance goals and enter the year with renewed confidence. Compliance Manager’s suite of tools includes incident management, auditing, risk assessments, workplans and more that help you create the foundation for an effective compliance program. Compliance Manager is the perfect tool set for any growing healthcare company looking to:

  • Create Actionable Items from Your Annual Risk Assessment
  • Develop a Comprehensive Workplan for 2020
  • Monitor Incidents Through to Closure
  • Report on Your Compliance Efforts and Achievements

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