The Misadventures of Ada: ICD-10 Cartoon, "Fourth of July Weekend" R10.13

This Fourth of July Weekend, we hope you have plans to get together with friends and family, and enjoy a beautiful weekend full of fun, food, and fireworks.

Around here, we know that Ada, her friends, and much of her community, have been fully vaccinated. And so to celebrate, her town made special plans to host the largest and most thrilling Fourth of July holiday celebration anyone had ever seen.

There were ferris wheels and games, cotton candy and spritzers, fireworks and parades and prizes and contests. Everyone was invited, and no one planned on missing such a special day. The whole community was excited to get back together and share in the communal celebration, as it had been over a year since the town had been able to host such an event.

Of the many events planned, Ada was particularly excited for the town’s hot dog eating contest. The contest had been a local tradition dating back some 100 years, and it had always been something Ada had had a secret desire to participate in. To mark such a special weekend, Ada was committed to finally participating and showing off her talent for mass food consumption.

Of course, this was Ada. So while we know something was likely to go very wrong, her own excitement clouded her better judgement. And, true to form, after chowing down hot dog number 10, something(s) were no longer quite sitting right with her…

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