Our Annual Compliance, Coding and Auditing Benchmark Report

Since the end of 2020, we’ve been working behind the scenes on our “2021 Annual Compliance and Auditing Benchmark Report.” Every year, we rely on you, the Healthicity community, to help gather a world of data, from which we then create a comprehensive view of healthcare compliance, auditing and coding. The data comes from healthcare professionals across the country, from organizations of all shapes and sizes.

And now, it’s finally that time of year when we get to share that data with you. In this, our fifth-annual report, The 2021 Annual State of Compliance and Auditing, we invite you to dive into all the data visualization, expert tips, and benchmarking data you’ll need to compare yourself with your peers, and your organization to industry best practices.

With so much change having happened over the past 12 - 16 months, it’s now more important than ever that organizations recognize the importance of having an effective compliance program. So, while we were happy to see that 93% of organizations polled already have a formal compliance program in place. We were likewise a little disheartened to see that represented a 3% decrease from the year before. And while we were happy to see that 84% of organizations conduct audits of their coders and auditors, only 70% of organizations conduct audits of the providers.

Long and short? There’s always room for improvement.

By leveraging the data we collected from nearly 1,200 respondents, we hope you’ll uncover some ways your organization can improve its own compliance program, and evolve in the future by:

    • Identifying Areas of Risks Within Your Organization
    • Setting Accurate Productivity Standards for Coders and Auditors
    • Understanding the Importance (and Value) of Provider Auditing
    • Finding New Tools to  Keep You Informed, Efficient, and Effective
    • Understanding the Importance (and Value) of Post-audit Education

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