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Written policies and procedures are often listed as the first element of an effective compliance program. Though all the elements really work together, and no singular element is necessarily more important than another, it does make sense to list written policies and procedures as the first element.

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Understanding the OIG’s New 3-Part Framework for Nursing Home Compliance - eBrief

Compliance professionals in the nursing home sector are well aware of the many ways government agencies survey, audit, and enforce regulatory compliance. Nursing homes have seen significant enforcement over the last few years, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector...

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The Misadventures of Ada - ICD-10 W04 - Comic

After braving a 2,000-person online queue for tickets, nearly getting tackled at the merch stand, and swiftly weaving her way through throngs of screaming fans, Ada finally finds her seat at the concert of the summer. But was she ready for it?

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