The Misadventures of Ada: ICD-10 Cartoon, "Jet Engine" V97.33XD

It wasn’t long ago that spring was in the air, and we all were very much anticipating the arrival of summer. And our friend Ada was no different. Feeling that excitement, on an unusually sunny day, Ada and her friends decided to take advantage of a beautiful Saturday afternoon. So, they hopped their jets to hit up a local beach for a volleyball tournament. They played best two out of three games, and boy was it a close one.

In the third and final game, with the score 20-19, Ada was served up a perfect opportunity from her friend Goose, to spike home the game winner. And she did not disappoint.

After the game, Ada and Goose were high fiving and rubbing their victory in the face of Iceman and Slider, who shot back with some trash talking of their own. Normally trash talking is a fairly safe activity, but we wouldn’t recommend engaging in it near jet engines.

In times like these, we hope a little levity can bring a lot of smiles. Please be sure to stay safe out there.

Ada-jet engine-low res

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